Services and Solutions

Software Engineering

Whether you want us to customize an off-the-shelf solution, or your needs require custom built software, we can get the work done! Business software, High performance computing, System Integration, Field Technician Portals, Code-Maintenance & Refactoring, you name it, we can get it done.


Need help navigating the confusing world of IT? We can guide you hand in hand to a solution that fits your need and budget. Whether you want a cloud or on-site solution, or even an off-site solution that you need. We can evaluate you IT / network structure to make sure you're protected.

Cloud computing: Sometimes it's comforting to buy your servers once and know your data is on premesis. Of course, we quickly learn about the ongoing cost of maintenance. Whether it's paying someone for security patches, or purchasing new equipment for a tech-refresh, these are costs you can pass off when you use Infrastructure-as-a-service solutions. Provide us your current costs and we can do a cost & risk analysis. If you decide to go to the cloud, we can help develop a transition plan as well. We will evaluate your needs and provide you with a best-cost, best-value solution with our completely neutral vendor process.

Cyber-Security: Don't wait until it's too late. Small businesses, small towns, and Hospitals are being targeted all of the time! For a home user, ransomware can be a small nuisense or a nightmare. But when it's your business, everyday your computer systems are offline is cash out of the door. Can you afford to go without revenue for a week or two, or longer? For much less money, we can help protect you from threats such as this, and mitigate that risk so you can rest assured.


We specialize in IT training for your work force, whether it's initial or annual review cyber security training. Training is an important to process, since an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Contact us for a quote now!